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In precisely the same way, Paul refers to the marvelous act of God's deliverance as a past act, a future act, and one that is continuing in the present: "He has delivered us from such a deadly peril, and he will deliver us. On him we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us" (2 Cor. 1: 10). God's involvement in our lives, on all fronts, does indeed cover the past, present, and future. We may draw a great deal of security from this fact. And because of this surety, we may also gain confidence in believ- Ii i j I I • GOD'S HAND IN PAUL'S MINISTRY 61 ing that God will listen very attentively to our prayers.

Obviously, he was hoping that his uncharacteristically strong counterattack (2 Cor. 10-13) would awaken in the church an awareness of the precarious nature of their new direction and, if so, that it would respond favorably to his letter. So the big question for Paul was, and it loomed larger and larger as the weeks went by, What would be their response? Would they accept his letter and, therefore, Paul himself, or would they reject his letter and, therefore, stand by the "super-apostles"? Disappointment at Troas; Titus is not there (2:12, 13).

According to Paul, the greater glory of the Spirit does not require the veil (vss. 9, 14; see below). Thus, the question we want to answer is this: If the glory attending the ministry of Moses was inferior and yet still required Moses to veil his face, why should not the greater glory require veiling all the more? The answer to this question was partially given above. We now wish to repeat the information and complete the answer. This is a crucial point. As noted, veiling is for the sole purpose of concealing the fading of the glory, not because the glory is too bright (vs.

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