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By H. K. Bakhru

Sixteenth Edn. - Dimensions: 8.5x 5.5x 1.2 in.

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Sitkari : IN sitkari a sound is produced while inhaling by opening the mouth a little, placing the tip of the tongue against the lower front teeth and then sucking the air in slowly. After holding your breath, exhale through both nostrils. This exercise helps to control thirst, hunger and laziness. 6. Suryabhedan : ‘Surya-nadi ‘ is the right nostril and ‘ ChandraNadi’ is the left nostril. In this pranayama, one always uses the right nostril for inhalation. Sit in padmasan or any other suitable posture.

8 to 12 mg. for children. Large doses of this vitamin say upto 100 mg. with each meal, preferably together with other B group vitamins, affords relief in case of migraine and high blood pressure caused by nervousness, high cholesterol and arteriosclerosis. PYRIDOXINE Vitamin B 6 or pyridoxine is actually a group of substance - pyridoxine, pyridoxinal and pyridoxamine - that are closely related and function together. It helps in the absorption of fats and proteins, prevents nervous and skin disorders and protects against degenerative diseases.

Gomukhasana ( Cow-face pose ) : Sit erect on the floor, with your legs outstretched. Fold your leg back. Place your left foot under the right hip. Similarly, fold back the right leg and cross your right foot over your left thigh. Place your right heel against the left hip. Both soles should face backwards, one over the other. Now interlock your hands behind your back. See to it that if your right leg is over the left, then your right elbow should face upward and the left elbow downward. This position is reversed when the leg position is changed.

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