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By Margaret Deanesly

A vintage heritage of the church from the accession of Gregory the nice to the Reformation.

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A History of the Medieval Church: 590-1500

A vintage historical past of the church from the accession of Gregory the good to the Reformation.


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Stipends consisted of payment both in money and kind. Those of the higher clergy generally after the seventh century consisted of a grant for life of certain lands or vineyards. To turn from the clergy themselves to their churches and their work. In the seventh century “ecclesia” was used for a church building, but much more often for the clergy and people of a parochia, episcopal or rural. The commonest word for the church building was “basilica,” which had been originally used for a building of a certain architectural type, but was now used for a church of any shape.

Gregory required the actionarii also to be ecclesiastics in minor orders: and it was in the case of the Sicilian actionarii that he first allowed the tonsure to be given separately from a minor order—a practice of great importance to European civilisation later, (see Chapter II). Gregory was in constant touch with the officials of the patrimonies, forced upon them in several cases mitigation of custom in favour of the peasant, and impressed upon them diligence and righteous dealing. Not only the collection of the revenue, but its distribution was the subject of his anxious thought.


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