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By David R. Castillo

The time period anamorphosis, from the greek ana (again) and morphe (shape), designates various point of view experiments that may be traced again to the inventive advancements of the 1500's and 1600's. Anamorphic units problem audience to event various sorts of perceptual oscillation and uncertainty. photos shift in entrance of the eyes of wondered spectators as they movement from the heart of the illustration to the margins, or from one aspect to the opposite. (A) Wry perspectives demonstrates that a lot of the literature of the Spanish Golden Age is weak, and certainly calls for, indirect readings (as in anamorphosis).

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Although there are places in the text in which the seeds of an incipient bourgeois discourse may become apparent—as Michel Cavillac (1983) and others have suggested—it is clear—at least in my view—that Guzmán’s narrative is deeply marked by the sign of a moral traditionalism that reaches back to Scholastic doctrine. Hence, the narrator’s defense of the deterministic principles of the established system of authority: “La Providencia divina […] [h]izo poderosos y necesitados. A ricos dio los bienes temporales y los espirituales a los pobres” (2: 299).

Di gracias al Señor y supliquéle que me tuviese de su mano. Luego traté de confesarme a menudo, reformando mi vida, limpiando mi conciencia […]. ” The transformation of the protagonist occurs as he resolves to obey the Father’s command to fulfill his duties in the service of his masters. One can see in retrospect that this is the moment of birth of the narrative voice. From this point of view, the text appears, not as the discourse of the pícaro’s life, his persona, or desire— as in Lazarillo—but rather, as the discourse of the pícaro’s death, and his regeneration in the voice of a preacher (“atalaya de la vida humana”).

Digo ladrón a los pobres pecadores como yo; que con los ladrones de bien, con los que arrastran gualdrapas de terciopelo, con los que revisten sus paredes con brocados y cubren el suelo con oro y seda turquí, con los que nos ahorcan a nosotros, no hablo, que somos inferiores dellos y como los peces, que los grandes comen a los pequeños. Viven sustentados en su reputación, acreditados con su poder y favorecidos con su adulación, cuyas fuerzas rompen las horcas y para quien el esparto no nació ni galeras fueron fabricadas, ecepto el mando en ellas, de quien podría ser que nos acordásemos algo en su lugar, si allá llegáremos, que sí llegaremos con el favor de Dios.

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