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By Paul K. Buxton

This is often an creation to dermatology that assumes a normal realizing of drugs, yet no expert wisdom. The e-book presents the fundamental center of information to which extra distinct info might be additional. it may be used for reference by way of common practitioners and medical professionals in different specialties. The dialogue of universal stipulations sooner than introducing extra advanced illnesses makes it very compatible for educating scientific and nursing scholars.

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Erythema multiforme in Stevens–Johnson syndrome Erythema multiforme showing blisters Pityriasis lichenoides varioliformis acuta As the name implies lichenified papules are the main feature of pityriasis lichenoides varioliformis acuta (or Mucha–Habermann disease), but vesicles occur in the acute form. Crops of pink papules develop centrally, with vesicles, necrosis, and scales—resembling those of chickenpox—hence the “varioliformis”. There is considerable variation in the clinical picture, and a prodromal illness may occur.

Erythema multiforme with blisters Blisters can occur on the lesions of erythema multiforme to a variable degree; when severe, generalised, and affecting the mucous membranes it is known as Stevens–Johnson syndrome. The typical erythematous maculopapular changes develop over one to two days with a large blister (bulla) developing in the centre of the target lesions. In severe progressive cases there is extensive disease of the mouth, eyes, genitalia, and respiratory tract. The blisters are subepidermal, although some basement membrane remains on the floor of the blister.

A condition that may be confused is Sweet’s syndrome, which presents as acute plum coloured raised painful lesions on the limbs—sometimes the face and neck—with fever. It is more common in women. The alternative name, “acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis”, describes the presentation and the pathological findings of a florid neutrophilic infiltrate. There is often a preceding upper respiratory infection. Treatment with steroids produces a rapid response but recurrences are common. Annular lesions of erythema multiforme Erythema induratum Erythema induraturn occurs on the lower legs posteriorly, usually in women, with diffuse, indurated dusky red lesions that may ulcerate.

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