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By Arnold Henry Savage Landor

Arnold Henry Savage Landor' memoirs of his excursion to unknown South the United States and his come upon with the local Bororo Indians. initially written in volumes, this publication contains illustrations, maps, plates and pictures

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H. ,P. Project 257, 435-443, 1990. BROKENHILL-SYDNEY-TASMAN SEA TRANSECfEASTERN AUSTRALIA ATTACHMENT LITHOLOGIC DESCRIPTIONS Broken Hill - Sydney - Tasman Sea Transect Legend Adelaide Fold Belt (miogeoclinal, foreland fold & thrust belt) E1 Cambrian Intrusions Basic, ultrabasic intrusions, some date in the range 500-565 Ma, others age unknown, example is Little Broken Hill Gabbro; this igneous activity probably related to the development of the active plate margin in the east. Early Cambrian E 1 pi Acacia Downs Formation Quartzite, shale, siltstone.

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