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By A.R. Katritzky, A.J. Boulton

(from preface)This quantity comprises articles which raise thus far older studies within the sequence. development within the chemistry of the 1,3-oxazines on account that they have been coated by means of Eckstein and Urbariski in quantity 2 (1963) is defined via an analogous authors. Acheson and Elmore assessment reactions of acetylenecarboxylic esters with nitrogen heterocycles, which were the topic of a lot centred study within the years when you consider that Acheson's article in quantity 1. The evaluate on indolizines (Swinbourne, Hunt, and Klinkert) additionally concentrates at the advances of the final 15 years and up-dates reports released in different places. Anastassiou and Kasmai offer a serious account of the ''тг-excessive heteroannulenes,'' and Fletcher and Siegrist deal authoritatively with the olefin-forming condensations of anils with methyl teams, the ''Anil Synthesis.''

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LJRBAfiSKI 24 [Sec. Gunar et ~ 1 . l used '~ diketene in the reaction with cyanic acid (see also O~akil'~), thiocyanic acid, ethyl urethane, and N,N'-disubstituted ureas in acetic acid medium to obtain 50. When a 2-thiono derivative was obtained from thiocyanic acid, as in Eq. (37), they desulfurized it with mercuric acetate. 180-181 It was also found that acetoacetic and benzoylacetic esters react with unsymmetrical dimethylurea to yield 50 and 51, respectively (38)]. m. 0 ,NMea CMdOhO, PhCOCHaCOOEt -IOC, McCOOH NHa JtJ0 (38) Ph (51) Diketene reacts with Schiff'sbaseslsa to yield a monooxo product (52) [Es.

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XI, 3892 (1965). H. J. Gais and K. , 5101 (1970). lee B. A. Arbuzov, N. N. Zobova, F. B. Balabanova, and A. V. Fuzhenkova, Dokl. Vses. Konf. Khim. Zh. Khim. 3 Zh 355 (1973)]. le7B. A. Arbuzov, N. N. Zobova, F. B. Balabanova, A. V. Fuzhenkova, and V. D. Pankratova, Izv. Akad. Nauk SSSR, Ser. , 1580 (1973). lea M. Lora-Tamayo, R. Madrofiero, G. G. Mufloz. Leipprand, Chem. Ber. 97, le4 lee 2234,2244 (1964). lee M. Lora-Tamayo, D. Gracian, and V. Gomez-Parra, Tetrahedron, Suppl. 8, Part I, 305 (1967).

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