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By Elizabeth Hand

400 years after the 3rd Shining, Hobi, Reive, Tast'annin, and Nefertity arrange for the prophesied cave in of Araboth, the domed city-state possibly conserving its voters from the alleged horrors of the surface.

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She drew a single point located right three ticks and up four ticks from the origin on the grid, then followed up with another point, connecting the two with a line. It was there, floating perfectly in the air before her. Right, she thought. She added another dimension to the grid to form a cube, and into this cube she drew spheres, ellipsoids, cubes, and pyramids. It was easy. The equations came faster and faster, as if she had fumbled around and found a switch in the dark. A part of her mind turned on, big time.

She twisted into a fetal ball, her shoulder dislocating itself as she hit the floor. Try as she might, Nancy could not uncurl herself as she struggled to breathe. Dr. Stephenson strolled slowly around her prostrate form, moving in suddenly with a kick to her injured stomach that rolled her three times across the alien floor. Nancy vomited; the pain was so great, she prayed she would lose consciousness. She could no longer focus well enough to see Dr. Stephenson's face, although his feet were clear enough, pacing slowly back and forth before her.

Stephenson's upper arm. The deputy director doubled over, cursing as he staggered away. Heather froze, watching the blood drip from the tongs of the fork in her hand. Stunned, unable to move, Heather could only watch as Mr. Smythe was the first to reach the deputy director's side. "Sir, are you all right? " With a violent thrust of his hand, Dr. Stephenson shoved the startled technician away. "I am fine. I don't need your assistance. Thank heavens those tongs missed me. See? " He pulled up the short sleeve of his shirt to reveal an undamaged arm.

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