Download Airbus A320 and A321 Flight Crew Training Manual Vol. 1 PDF

--------------------- Instructor : - Call stand up - Set flaps 2 - Reset rudder trim - Monitor forward movement of trim - Check FDs ON - Call "GO" - Rotate • Following gear retraction the instructor will call for CLB thrust. • The trainee will move the thrust levers to the CLB detent (the FMA will read CLB SRS GA TRK). At acceleration altitude or ALT*, which ever occurs first, and F speed : select FLAP 1.

Auto starting • Check thrust levers at idle before selecting IGN/START switch to START. 5% and 6% respectively). • Check bleed pressure sufficient. • Monitor parameters in order : - Bleed valve opens - N2 increases - Igniter displayed - Fuel flow - Light up - Starter cut-out - Bleed valve closure - EGT peaks then decreases • Repeat for second engine start. • Engine mode selector to NORM. Manual starting • Check thrust levers at idle before selecting ENG MODE SELECTOR. • Remember use of stopwatch.

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