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By Pierre Bouhanna, Eric Bouhanna

The Alopecias: analysis and Treatments presents a realistic resolution to so much diagnostic and healing issues on the topic of the differing kinds of alopecia physicians could come across in day-by-day perform. It additionally offers a transparent class of all of the forms of alopecia.

Among the themes lined are diffuse alopecia, demanding alopecia, the male sufferer with androgenetic alopecia, the feminine sufferer with androgenetic alopecia, cicatricial alopecia, alopecia areata, congenital alopecia, and particular difficulties posed by way of alopecia in sufferers of African and Asian beginning.

The book’s chapters are divided into 4 significant different types. the 1st one reports biology and hair investigations. the second one is devoted to scientific pathology: describes a number of hair illnesses together with all significant pathological stipulations of the scalp affecting hair progress. The 3rd emphasizes the position of aesthetic and reconstructive hair transplantation or scalp surgical procedure. And the fourth covers beauty remedy, new clinical strategies, and the newest approaches in aesthetic surgery.

This ebook may help you know the fundamental pathophysiology, medical presentation, and the simplest healing procedures for sufferers with hair-growth disorders.

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Irregular coiled hairs5 and flame hairs23 are the most characteristic trichoscopy findings in trichotillomania. 2,23 TINEA CAPITIS Slowinska et al. 5). Later, Hughes et al. identified corkscrew hairs30 as another characteristic finding in patches of tinea capitis. 6 UVET (UV-enhanced trichoscopy) is a combination of trichoscopy with Wood’s light. The image shows fluorescence of multiple comma hairs infected with Microsporum canis. 2,25,31 Yellow dots with radial, thin arborizing vessels emerging from the dot are considered characteristic for discoid lupus erythematosus.

26). The degree of laxity of the scalp. The thickness of the scalp. The ability of the hair to cover the scalp according to the density, size, shape, length, and growth speed of the hair, as well as the color. 27). 6, before treatment, (b) phototrichogram of the same patient after 6 months of 2% minoxidil treatment. 24 (a) An area of 1 cm2 is clipped with a minishaver and (b) the photograph is made. (c) Detail of the photograph of the area located with two red tattoos. 25 (a) Hair density counting.

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