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During this concise atlas, Fry (emeritus, Imperial collage) starts with dialogue of the definition and occurrence of atopic eczema and follows with information regarding experiences that reveal a rise in prevalence and a dating among eczema and the chance of constructing bronchial asthma and hay fever. He appears to be like on the position of genetic elements and result of dual reports and genome displays; the histological positive factors of acute, subacute and protracted eczema; and etiological elements, together with attainable genetic applicants, allergens and contributory elements akin to toxins and the ''hygiene hypothesis.'' the ultimate chapters contain well-illustrated descriptions of scientific positive aspects and differential analysis, and a wide dialogue of therapy, inclusive of topical medications, organic brokers, and measures which may reduction in administration (e.g. not on time creation of sure meals and alteration of maternal diet).

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The condition is most commonly seen in middle-aged females. There is often an underlying psychological problem. The lesions are seen most commonly on the extensor surfaces of the limbs (Figure 74), since these are the areas that are most accessible for scratching. The patient 30 AN ATLAS OF ATOPIC ECZEMA Figure 25 Crusting in severe atopic eczema develops a habit of picking and excoriating the lesions, resulting in local lichenification. Approximately three-quarters of patients have a past history of atopic eczema.

The crusts are characteristically golden, since they are formed of a mixture of serum and keratin. Occasionally, the patches are red and raised and urticarial in appearance, and this CLINICAL FEATURES 23 Figure 15 Redness and minimal scaling in mild eczema can subsequently progress to scaling, crusting or weeping, depending on the severity of the inflammation. Although atopic eczema classically involves the flexures of the knees and elbows, in infants the involvement is frequently on the extensor surfaces of the limbs when the disease first presents (Figures 28, 30–32).

One possibility is that receptors in the endothelium of cutaneous vessels have developed symmetrically, as has the human body. In eczema and psoriasis, the rash is dependent on inflammatory cells coming into the skin via specialized receptors. Altered pigmentation Inflammation in the skin may either stimulate or suppress melanocyte function. Thus, the skin at the sites of the eczema may either become darker (Figures 59 and 60) or paler (Figures 61 and 62). The pigmentary changes often become more apparent CLINICAL FEATURES 25 Figure 17 Subacute eczema with crusts and some erosions Figure 18 Loss of surface of the skin with a weeping surface in acute eczema after the eczema has cleared.

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