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And ROWSON, J. , / . Pharm. Pharmacol. 1960, 12, 154 237 (Cellulose derivatives). and CHAPTER 4 SURFACE-ACTIVE AGENTS ONE of the most interesting developments in formulation over the past twenty years has been the marked increase in the use of surfaceactive agents. Prior to this period only a few of these substances, such as soap, quillaia, cholesterol and lecithin, were available for pharmaceutical use, but several are now defined in official monographs and more still have been investigated and are commercially available in medicinal quality.

P. P. Oily Cream (Hydrous Ointment) is the basis for Salicylic Acid and Sulphur O i n t m e n t B . P . P. P. P. C. T h e term "monostearin" or "glyceryl monostearate" has been applied to a mixture of mono-, di- and tri-glycerides of fatty acids. ) a n d also in a self-emulsifying form containing a small percentage of alkali-metal or triethanolamine soaps. G. P. I t is a good emulsifier for other oils a n d fats b u t has the limitation of soap in that it is incompatible with large cations and is not suitable for administration by mouth.

It is used to produce o/w creams (Cetomacrogol Emulsifying Wax) and can also act as a solvent for volatile oils. F. F. Polypropylene glycol can also be condensed with ethylene oxide, the products being known under the trade name of "Pluronics". g. "Pluronic F. 68"). (ii) The esters (and ether jesters) Long carbon chains, in the form of fatty acids, may be linked to polyhydric alcohols by esterification. If the hydrophilic component provided by the latter is sufficiently large, a suitable balance is established.

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