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R value is for L and D in meters and Q in cube meters per second. 2 Simple Pipe Flow Problems 45 Manning coefficient N are generally assumed to remain constant for a given pipe, the value of R remains constant for a given pipe and is independent of the discharge through it. However, for the Darcy-Weisbach formula, as the coefficient of friction/is a function of the Reynolds number, the value of the pipe resistance constant R of a pipe depends on the discharge through it. 10 SIMPLE PIPE FLOW PROBLEMS Three types of simple pipe flow problems are encountered in practice.

3 SMOOTH TURBULENT FLOW Using the results of the experiments performed by Saph and Schoder in 1903, Blasius [29] suggested a relationship f- ^ ^ which is valid in the range 4,000 < Re < 10s. 9) is known as Karman-Prandtl equation for smooth turbulent flow. This equation is implicit and the value of/must be obtained by trial and error. Several investigators such as Schimemi, Barnes, Blair, Lamont [30] and Ger and Holley [31] have suggested relationships similar to that of Blasius for smooth turbulent flow.

3. 4. Values of Hazen-Williams Coefficient for Clean New Pipes of Different Materials. 5. Correction Factors for Hazen-Williams Coefficients. 3 m and S = 1/1000, it is used by design engineers over wide ranges of diameters and friction slopes. This may result in an error as high as ± 3 0 percent in the evaluation of the velocity of flow [49]. Therefore, after comparing the HW formula with the rational and dimensionally homogeneous DarcyWeisbach formula, Jain, Mohan, and Khanna [49] modified the HW formula.

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