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Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon

For the entire millions of books which were written approximately faith, few until eventually this one have tried to envision it scientifically: to invite why—and how—it has formed such a lot of lives so strongly. Is faith a manufactured from blind evolutionary intuition or rational selection? Is it really tips to dwell an ethical existence?

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The “thick jungle” is the tangle of mental defilements. These defilements pierce and prick just as does the thorny undergrowth in a thick jungle. To succeed in clearing away the thick jungle is to clear away the cluttering 51 undergrowth of defilements as one would clumps of thorny bamboo, thick inextricably interwoven. These metaphors outline the way of practice and also clarify the inter-relationships between the various wholesome qualities (morality and so on). They serve to clear up misunderstanding and also to give encouragement to practise.

This is an immature form of insight which has to be developed into true and genuine insight (vipassanà-pa¤¤à). The person who is to take up the mental training has to be sufficiently sharp to develop further intuitive insight. A dull person can- 49 not take up the practice in the way dealt with here. As a rule he has first to follow the way based on faith or resort to the various kinds of rites and rituals. Although possessed of intelligence, the meditator must “stand firm on the ground,” the ground of moral discipline (sãla).

He should select for his almsround a village where people are unsightly and shabby and give in a rough and unpleasing manner. As to posture, he should remain as far as possible in the postures of walking and standing and should avoid sitting and lying. He should take great care to apply the same principle to all other things, doing nothing that might arouse lust or strong attachment. The articles he uses should be coloured blue or some similar dark hue. If he wishes to use one of the colour kasiõas as his concentration object, he should choose the blue one.

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