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Caution: Point Touwei ( *fS The Stomach channel of Foot-Yangming, Fig. 5 cun within the superior hairline and situated at the angles of hairlines at the front. 6—1 cun. Anatomy: The needle passes through the skin, to the subcutis and then through the galea aponeurotica, the stratum subaponeurotica to the periosteum. In this area there are branches of supra-orbital vessels, tem poral superficial vessels and the n. zygomaticotemporalis, rr. temporales of the n. facialis. Indication: Near this point it is rich in vessels therefore liable to cause bleeding, Insert the needle slowly without manipulating it, such as pecking.

5 cun proximal to the migraine, Qiuxu Foot-linqi margin Qiaoyin neck; the lower chest; stiff sciatic neuralgia Foot- bago, Indications hemiplegia; pain in the lower chest, cholecystitis, of the foot of hypertension, tinnitus, in tercostal neuralgia, etc. 1 cun proximal to the cor ner of the nail headache, hypertension, conjunc tivitis, intercostal neuralgia, asthma, pleuritis, etc. Hongkong foot, paralysis and numb ness of the lower extremities, sciatic neuralgia, etc. Xiyangguan In the depression superior to the condylus lateralis of the femur, let the pain in the knee point, numbness of the lower extremities and paralysis patient flex the knee when locating, 3 cun above Pt.

Trochlearis — A. Carotis Interna M. Oblequus Superior Jm-r- Rectus Medialis Oi uhou [ Aa. Ciliares Posterior Chengpi ^—xi f jLongae et. Breves " M. Rectus Inferior M. Obliquus Inferior - — Canal is Nasolacrimalis — Point Yingxiang (i£ The Large Intestine Channel of Hand-Yangm- ing, Fig. 26-27) Location: Between the nasolabial groove and the midpoint of the lateral border of the nasal ala. 8 cun in medial and upward direction. 5-^1 cun toward Pt. Sibai. Anatomy: The needle passes through the skin, quadratus labii superior.

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