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Hoplites made good soldiers because, as citizens, they took pride in fighting for their city-state. However, “hometown” loyalties also divided the Greeks and caused them to distrust one another. A lack of unity always existed among the Greek city-states. Explain How did citizenship make the Greeks different from other ancient peoples? C. 50°N 50°N ATLANTIC OCEAN Study Central Need help understanding the importance of geography in ancient Greece? com and click on Study Central. GREECE Troy Athens Sparta Crete N AFRICA 30°N Mediterranean Sea Cyprus Tigr Eu p is R.

At its start, the Delian League had headquarters on the island of Delos (DEE • LAHS). However, its chief officials—the treasurers in charge of its money and the commanders in charge of its fleet—were from Athens, as were most of the troops. Little by little, Athens gained control over the other citystates in the alliance. Soon the league was no longer a partnership to fight Persia but an Athenian empire. C. the Athenians moved the Delian League’s treasury from Delos to Athens. The Athenians also began sending troops to other Greek city-states to help the common people rebel against the nobles in power.

For example, pottery became popular in places with large amounts of clay. Trade route Greece Greek colonies 0° W A Move to Colonize Minoan Here you can review the main topics and answer questions about what you have read. Mycenaean • After the Dark Age, the Greeks set up colonies and trade increased. 4. • The idea of citizenship developed in Greek city-states. How did early Greek civilizations use their natural surroundings to prosper and grow? CA CS3. CHAPTER 7 • The Ancient Greeks SECTION REVIEW Both 7.

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