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Referring to formal parameters The outstanding advantage of using explicit stored descriptions of the quantities of the program, including the program points, is that the translated ALGOL program need not distinguish between formal and non-formal versions of the quantities. Indeed, once a quantity description has been placed in a formal location the procedure body may refer to it exactly as though it had been non-formal. The only formal parameters which receive a special treatment when referred to from the procedure body are those which are specified as integer, real, Boolean or label.

The new compiler, TR 2, is given in full at the end of the paper. 3 specially written TABL]SS FOR MACHINE B COM PILER 1 unchanged* unchanged* I 1 ENVIRONMENT FOR MACHINE A TABLES FOR MACHINE B 1 i ENVIRONMENT FOR MACHINE B I unchanged COMPILER 1 unchanged ENVIRONMENT FOR MACHINE A TABLES FOR MACHINE A COMPILER 1 1 COMPILER^" COMPILER i unchanged COMPILER 1 Programs in machine (in machine code) Except for substitutions made necessary by incompatible character sets. B A A Machine Input (in machine independent form) Source ^ ^ program Transference of System from Machine A to Machine B TABLE I COMPILER IN ASSEMBLY / LANGUAGE FOR MACHINE B COMPILER IN ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE FOR MACHINE B COMPILER IN ASSEMBLY / LANGUAGE FOR MACHINE A Output (compiled program in assembly language) Self-compiling Compiler 35 Transference of the system to another machine It follows from what has been said that the W I S P system can be divided into three parts: (1) the environment, (2) the compiler, and (3) the tables of standard forms and machine code translations.

New SF; calls in again the routine for reading standard forms. Self-compiling Compiler 47 Z = CDR Z SWITCH 49 - CAR Z 49 TO 50 50 UNSET 20 - 24 Z = CDR Z, R = CAR Z PUSH DOWN M, CAR M = :* 20 [ IF CAR R = ATOM [ IF CDR R = :0 TO 21] CAR M -> R S = CAR R, CAR M -> S S = CDR S, CAR R = CAR S ] R = CDR R, TO 20 21 CAR M -* Q, Q, = CAR Z TO 08 AND BACK Q,->CARM 22 [ IF CAR M φ :* ( S -> CAR M5 R -> CAR M Provision has been made for two-digit switch numbers beginning with a 9. Only one has so far been used, namely, 90, for standard forms defined in terms of other standard forms instead of in terms of assembly language.

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