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Aristophanes, the prestigious Greek comedian poet, is legendary for his performs on modern issues, within which he routines fierce political satire. historical political comedy made abundant use of comically major right names - a lot as is the case in glossy satire. comedian names utilized by Aristophanes for his satirical objectives (public figures, daily Athenians) give you the major topic of this ebook, which addresses questions comparable to why specific names are selected (or invented), and the way they relate to the plays?? characters and subject matters.

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Not all extant comedies are ‘irreverent’ or ‘irrelegious’ to the same extent; Birds present a very undignified picture of the gods and culminate in the quasi-deification of a human hero (though not in full – notably Peisetairos does not possess Zeus’ sceptre), but Strepsiades of Clouds is punished for his impiety. ), who stresses however the fluidity and diversity of Greek religious beliefs. 63 Cf. Dover 1972: 220 n. 14, who cites e. g. the story of Ares and Aphrodite in Od. 266 – 366. g. the works of Newiger, Rau, Taillardat, Harriott, Moulton.

242; they may all be friends of the poet who portrayed them on stage for an unknown reason). 1 = IG II2 2343, 3; he may be identified with the Antitheos of Th. 127 The next significantly named figure to appear on scene is a Persian ambassador called Xeudaqt²bar (91), introduced by an anonymous128 Athenian pqesbeut^r. 129 The name is obviously coined by the poet with the intention of sounding comically Persian, as it echoed real Persian names such as Artabazos and Artaxerxes (cf. Sch. qt²bg to be heard, the name of a Persian measure of capacity (cf.

G. the grand-daughter of Agariste [daughter of Kleisthenes, mother of the homonymous legislator and wife of Megakles, son of Alkmaion] was also called Agariste = Perikles’ mother, Hdt. 131), while in later times they would often be named after their mother. html 79 Cf. Hornblower’s relevant remark (2004: 164 and n. 129). 80 Identification difficulties are exemplified in the cases mentioned by Wilson (2007a: 17, 83 – 4, 95), where individuals are termed as fictitious in LGPN or by commentators although their names are attested and therefore it cannot be proven that they did not exist: Amphitheos (Ach.

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