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This monograph offers a scientific research of asymptotic types of continuum mechanics for composite buildings, that are both dilute (for instance, two-phase composite buildings with small inclusions) or densely packed (in this example inclusions will be with reference to touching). it really is in accordance with the result of contemporary learn and features a finished research of dipole and multipole fields linked to defects in solids. The textual content covers static difficulties of elasticity in dilute composites in addition to spectral difficulties. functions of the mathematical types incorporated within the ebook are in harm mechanics and in difficulties of layout of composite buildings that may be used as filters or polarisers of elastic waves.Dipole tensors are outlined in bankruptcy 1 either for scalar boundary worth difficulties for the Laplacian and for vector difficulties of elasticity. In bankruptcy 2 the dipole tensors are utilized in spectral difficulties concerning domain names with small defects. bankruptcy three introduces a multipole process for static difficulties (both electrostatics and elasticity) in composite buildings containing doubly periodic arrays of round inclusions. bankruptcy four offers a multipole process for eigenvalue difficulties of electromagnetism and elasticity.

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Stiff" inclusions. However, the above formula cannot be used when the material of the inclusion is "much stiffer" compared to the material of the matrix (when the shear modulus Mo is large compared to /x). Consider an alternative way of extending the polynomial fields x\, x-i inside the inclusion g. A harmonic function u>*(*'°) can be defined on g in such a way that M - g j r ( * ) - « . - ^ - ( x ) = Ol w®(x) - w

Definition. 86) is said to be the dipole matrix of the void g. 2 Physical interpretation Let S denote the vector of strain defined by the formula 5 ( u ) = (en(u),e 2 2 (u), V2e 1 2 (u)) T , where the strain components tij are defined in a standard way Let u° denote the unperturbed diplacement field, before the inclusion/void is introduced in the elastic plane. 82)). When a void, characterised by the dipole matrix M , is introduced into an elastic plane, the change of elastic energy is given by SS = 5 T ( u ° ) M 5 ( u ° ) .

1 Inclusions with perfect bonding at the 0 0 interface Let R be the inclusions radius, and A , fj, , A, /x be the Lame elastic moduli of materials of the inclusion and the matrix. Circular elastic inclusions 29 1. For the case of out-of-plane shear (Laplace's operator), the dipole matrix can be written as follows m = 27T/U / * - W > # T M + Mo where I is the identity matrix. It is noted that the matrix m is positive definite when /x0 > /x, and it is negative definite when ^o < M2. 89). 105) 0 26/ where 0 = 1 2/i 0 (x - 1) - 2/i(x 0 - 1) (x - l)2 /x(x0 - 1) + 2/x0 The matrix M is positive definite provided fio > fi and /xo(x — 1) > /i(xo — 1), and it is negative definite when /xo < /x and /io(x — 1) < /x(x0 - 1).

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