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By Lidia Rudnicka, Malgorzata Olszewska, Adriana Rakowska

The goal of this atlas is to supply special and entire, easy-to-use details, enough to accomplish trichoscopy in scientific perform. From fundamentals to complicated wisdom, every thing in a single ebook. during this feel it is extremely an “illustrated textbook” than exclusively an atlas. It contains proof established details, stated algorithms, which support effortless analysis and “take domestic messages”, which reduction memorizing particular gains of various illnesses. The atlas contains significant elements. within the first half the authors describe constructions and styles obvious in trichoscopy. the second one half includes distinctive description of attribute trichoscopy beneficial properties of numerous ailments of hair and scalp. Consecutive chapters illustrate genetic hair problems, got hair loss and scalp diseases.

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41 Absent medulla in normal hair shafts. Note that in this image, most of the hair shafts are uniform in color and no medulla is visible. This also is in normal range (×70) Fig. 42 Hair shafts with light whitish bands in pili annulati. Note that these bands are nearly the width of a hair and their borders are not clear-cut, which differentiates white bands in pili annulati from an interrupted medulla (×70) L. Rudnicka et al. 2 Hair Shafts Fig. 43 Interrupted hairs in tinea capitis. Interrupted hairs (Morse code–like hairs) with multiple thin white bands across the hair shaft were first observed in our patients with tinea capitis due to Microsporum canis and described by Rudnicka et al.

Trichoscopy may give slightly different images depending on magnification and technique. At high magnifications and in dry trichoscopy, as in this image, the split hair shaft appears as two white brushes aligned in opposition (arrow). At low magnifications, trichoscopy shows nodular thickenings along the hair shaft. These thickenings appear light in the darker hair shaft (×70) L. Rudnicka et al. 2 Hair Shafts Fig. 27 Bamboo hair in Netherton’s syndrome. Bamboo hairs are a manifestation of trichorrhexis invaginata, a hallmark of Netherton’s syndrome.

Rudnicka et al. 2 Hair Shafts Fig. 51 Broom hairs in cicatricial alopecia. We suggest the common term broom hair for all abnormalities associated with a few or more linear, short, thin, dark hairs emerging from one follicular opening [13]. Only some of these abnormalities may correspond to trichostasis spinulosa [25], which is usually associated with facial hairs. This picture reveals a few of these follicular units in a female patient with cicatricial alopecia (×70) Fig. 52 Broom hairs in noncicatricial alopecia.

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