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By Donald Rudikoff, Steven R Cohen, Noah Scheinfeld

It really is expected that round 15% of the inhabitants be afflicted by atopic dermatitis or eczematous issues sooner or later of their lifetime, inflicting an important percent of visits to dermatologists, fundamental care physicians, and allergists. regardless of a lot present examine curiosity, the pathophysiology of those problems and their optimal therapy stay doubtful. In Atopic Dermatitis & Eczematous issues, the

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Indd 57 31/10/13 9:55 PM 58 Clinical Aspects and Differential Diagnosis of Atopic Dermatitis Atopic hand and foot dermatitis Dermatitis of the palms and soles occurs in a significant percentage of children with AD, whereas isolated hand eczema complicated by irritant dermatitis of the hands may be the sole manifestation of AD in adult patients. One study of 2-year-olds with AD revealed hand involvement among 28% (Bohme et al. 2000). In a study of predominantly white patients at a tertiary referral center, Simpson et al.

1994). Whether this is due to higher reporting of eczema by mothers in advantaged socioeconomic groups or increased labeling by doctors is unclear, although similar trends have been found for children with examined eczema in a UK national birth cohort study for children in the 1970s (Williams et al. 1994). Similar trends were shown between increasing prevalence of examined eczema and home ownership. On the other hand, a reduced risk of AD has been observed for children in larger families, especially if older siblings are present (Williams et al.

Other perplexing associations have been made in AD patients and require further investigation to determine their significance, such as an increased susceptibility to mosquito bites (Kölmel and Compagnone 1988), increased urinary tract infections and an increased tendency to headaches (Mortimer et al. 1993). An increased incidence of viral warts has been reported in children with AD; however, this was not supported by evidence gleaned from a large population study (Currie et al. 1971, Williams et al.

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