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By Effie Karageorgos, Jeremy Black

The South African and Vietnam Wars provoked dramatically diversified reactions in Australians, from pro-British jingoism at the eve of Federation, to the anti-war protest routine of the Nineteen Sixties. by contrast, the letters and diaries of Australian infantrymen written whereas at the South African and Vietnam battlefields demonstrate that their reactions to the warfare they have been battling have been strangely not like these at the domestic fronts from which they got here.

Australian infantrymen in South Africa and Vietnam follows those strive against males from enlistment to the warfare entrance and analyses their phrases along theories of soldiering to illustrate the transformation of infantrymen as a reaction to advancements in army strategy, in addition to altering civilian opinion. during this means, the e-book illustrates the power of a soldier's hyperlink to their domestic entrance lives.

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Soldiers in the South African War rarely mentioned patriotism in their letters and diaries from the war front, instead referring to a range of more personal reasons for their decision to enlist, including the wish for ‘excitement’ or the simple need for financial stability. 2 However, to discount patriotism as a motivator for military duty does not mean that soldiers who volunteer do not support the war’s official cause.

79 Still more Australians took notice after the 29 April 1965 announcement that combat troops were to be sent to Vietnam, as well as the decision of March 1966 that many of those conscripted would eventually serve in Vietnam. During this period, ideas regarding Australia’s stance towards Asia and the emerging war in Vietnam came more prominently into public view – generated by supporters of the war, including parliamentarians, as well as opponents of Australian involvement. Australia’s participation in Vietnam produced many ‘official’ and ‘unofficial’ attitudes towards the war within Australia.

No one warned us, it just happened.  . 110 It is significant that such a report appeared in The Bulletin, a publication that had supported Australian involvement in Vietnam in the early years of the war. The lack of official media censorship during the Vietnam War made possible the broad television coverage of the Tet Offensive. As the war was never officially declared, the United States and thus also Australia were unable to impose any formal censorship, giving accredited media representatives freedom to travel around Vietnam.

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