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By Sarah A. Hoyt

For years, Rafiel Trall, certainly one of Goldport's best, has been strolling the advantageous line among implementing human legislation and holding the shifters who come his approach. A lion shifter himself, he's came across this responsibility onerous.

Lately it's been lightened via his friendship with Tom Ormson, a dragon shifter, and Kyrie Smith, a panther shifter. This may still make it more straightforward for him to discover an answer for the crimes of a feral shifter—but no longer while an as but unnamed entity takes out the good Sky Dragon, the top of all dragon shifters.

With his energy devolving on Tom Ormson simply as Kyrie unearths mysterious sickness prevents her from transferring, Rafiel needs to depend merely on himself, a seductive dragon woman and an excellent extra seductive and unreliable previous shifter to resolve the crimes, preserve shifters hidden and retain his ally on this planet from changing into a dragon of unbelievable mass destruction.

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