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By Max Born, Physics

The Nobel Laureate discusses the principles of quantum concept in lectures, one at the constitution of the atom, the opposite at the lattice conception of inflexible our bodies.

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While it is true that his house fits together perfectly — all the floors and walls and ceilings come together perfectly — he finds his finished house is twice the size of his neighbour's house — even though they bought the same type of kit house! The reason for this discrepancy is fairly obvious: Nature was forced to use relative measurements — it was the only option open to Nature. While this resulted in a house which fitted together perfectly well, the size of the house could turn out to be any random size relative to other houses, depending on the random plank length which Nature picked as its standard length.

The universe is the one thing that exists. It is everything that exists. In the time I have been working in physics, two themes have emerged to dominate my lines of thinking, two themes which appear to represent the underlying truth of our reality. Both of those themes appear to describe an aspect of the universe, revealing the structure of the universe to lie at the core of reality, and the properties of the universe being the key to obtaining ultimate unification. Those two themes are both closely related to each other.

Considering general themes in all these approaches, one thing our historical study has revealed is that, in general, unification in physics is achieved by a single, imaginative idea. This might come from Newton pondering on an apple, or Einstein deciding that you could never catch up with a light beam: unification always requires one single, brilliant insight. Even in the case of the electroweak unification, with many physicists involved, it still required the inspired introduction of the symmetry breaking concept before unification could be achieved.

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