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Fischer et ~ 1 . ' 'measured ~ Hall mobility 'I7 '" M. Balkanski, in "11-Vl Semiconducting Compounds" ( D . G. ), p. 1007. Benjamin, New York, 1967. A. G. Fischer, J. N. Carides, and J. Dresner, Solid Stare Commun. 2, 157 (1964). 54 D. L. RODE X 1021 40 I 60 I 1 100 I I I I 200 400 600 TEMPERATURE, T 1 (OK) FIG. 12. '" Ordinarily, only p-type conductivity is obtained in ZnTe. Hence, there are very few data available on electron transport. up to 340 cm2/V-secon Al-doped ZnTe. Hou et ~ 1 . 116These points are shown in Fig.

Reu. 105, 525 (1957). 86 '' I. , umklapp scattering. Similarly,f-scattering from valley 1 to valleys 3-6 requires a 2 phonon no matter how large k, may be, butf-scattering is not of the umklapp type if k, < 3K,,,/4. In this case, the electron remains in the same Brillouin zone after the transition. When k, = Kloo, we have the case shown in Fig. 6b. 83K1,, in Si, and the phonon wave vector extends outside the first phonon Brillouin zone (umklapp process). 68 of the distance between X and K on a square face of the phonon Brillouin zone.

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