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Minority Council

Students of Pakistan’s minority council (expansion committee) under the leadership of Mr Cecil Obaid is functional from the year 2014.

Cecil Obaid
A graduate of the Institute of Business Administration, Cecil has carried out various projects with the help of help various international non profit organizations.

Some of the projects implemented by Cecil:

Project Name: Empowering Youth on Peace and Development (EYPAD)
Donor Name: PLAN Pakistan

Project Name: Empowering Pakistan (Pakistan Job Project)
Donor Name: Care International and USAID

Project Name: Apprenticeship Scheme (For Lower FATA in 27 different trades)
Donor Name: IRC, CHF & USAID

Project Name: Skills Training Initiative (For Lower FATA in 05 technical trades)
Donor Name: IRC, CHF & USAID

Project Name:Research Study on Livelihood patterns for flood affected in Dubair and  Ronalia Valleys of District Kohistan, KPK
Donor Name: Caritas Switzerland

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