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Steering Committee

sharjeelSharjeel Rehan
Steering Committee Chairman
Arizona State University
*Founding Member of Students of Pakistan
*World MUN delegate
*Public Speaker and Debater



mobisherMobisher Rabbani
Steering Committee Member
University of Central Oklahoma
*Founder of The Rabbani Foundation
*Consulting Partner at People to People Public Relations
*Senior Foreign Policy Analyst at Bridgehead Institute
*Author of the book Travelling on a Pakistani Passport


samirSamir Anwar Butt
Steering Committee Member
Fast National University & Fulbright Scholar
* Former Youth Foreign Minister of Pakistan (2008-2009)
* Founding member and the Chief Editor of the official FAST National
University magazine – The FAST Celadon.
* Volunteered for Barrack Obama’s Presidential Campaign
* Best Delegate at LUMUN 2007

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